World’s Loneliest Shelter Dog Has New Life As A Movie Star


So happy she found a new loving home. 💕

So happy this baby got a role in a movie and a wonderful home at last…so very deserving…

Freya the dog has a pretty background story: she used to be a shelter dog, rescued by Freshfields Animal Rescue in England when she was just a puppy and spent 6 years there, watching every other dog in the shelter get adopted but no one took this cutie home, which gave her the title of [world’s loneliest dog].

Some articles surfaced on Freya and one of them found its way to film director Michael Bay, who decided to bring life and company to Freya by including her in one of his films and in a recent clip released by Paramount Pictures, he claims that [Freya’s doing an amazing job acting].

And thanks to the exposure the movie gave her, she finally found a loving forever family who loves and appreciates her so we can say Freya is no longer the world’s loneliest dog!

So happy Freya now has a loving home. Shelter animals have so much love to give if only they are given the chance.

That is awesome wish more people would give these animals a chance. What a great thing they did.

Thank you angels for saving this precious dog.

  • H/t: The Dodo


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