Special Kitten with Long Fangs & Crooked Legs Works Hard to Overcome Disability


He’s perfect just the way he is! 😻 Nothing can stop him.

One summer, a local resident in Ridgewood, Queens, New York found a small kitten in the backyard.

He was frail, sickly looking, and something was terribly wrong with his legs.

The resident who found the kitten contacted Jacqueline, a TNR
rescuer for help.
Jacqueline acted quickly and they were off to the vet.

It turns out, the kitten was born with a genetic condition that caused a deformity in his legs.

The Road to Recovery

He weighed less than a pound at six weeks old, but the rescuers could tell this little guy was a fighter!

Even though he was very weak, his determination took over and he began to eat.

The kitten began his treatment journey. He needed to be bottle fed frequently and have physical therapy.

Rescuers knew getting him back to good health wouldn’t be easy, but they gladly accepted the challenge.

A rescue group in New York City called Fuzzy Butt Rescue And TNR accepted him with open arms.

A Little Help Goes A Long Way

A volunteer from the rescue, Dina, offered a helping hand.

“On his first day home, he blended in seamlessly with his new family. He was very curious and still had some use of his hind legs, so he would walk around exploring his environment and his new roommates,” Dina said.

Nothing seemed to keep this little kitten down. He didn’t seem to care he was different.


Rescuers started to call him Speck for short.Speck started to work on his muscles by doing water physical therapy. In fact, Speck might be one of the only cats we know of to receive water therapy!

After getting warmed up to water therapy, he was ready for the next step – a cart.

Just like a human, he wore a brace and use a little cart to help him learn how to walk and strengthen his muscles.

Speck’s veterinarians still aren’t sure exactly what his condition is or what caused it, but are working hard to figure it out.

Uplifting Ever-After

Speck has a nice bedtime routine. Each night he likes to cuddle his human companion for fifteen to thirty-minutes before he falls asleep. This is how he prefers to start and finish each day.

He may not look like your average kitten and he may need some help from time to time, but that doesn’t stop him.

He’s never going to let his disability hold him back from living his life to the fullest!

For those of you who don’t follow Speck, he is unfortunately no longer with us. He lived a remarkable life with parents who absolutely loved him. He’s running through the clouds now.

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