Shelter Pup Smothers New Dad With Kisses After He Saved Her From


An Arizona resident with muscular dystrophy spends a lot of time at home and depends on his dogs for company and companionship.

When his dog of nearly ten years passed aw.ay, he was left deva.stat.ed and lonely.

His other older dog also grew depressed since his sister’s passing. He figured that getting a younger dog would keep both he and his dog company.

That’s when he decided to adopt Peanut, a dog who had spent 12 days in a shelter, and was on the list for eu.thanasia.

When she first arrived at their home, she was very timid and afraid of everything. But within two weeks, Peanut was settling nicely into her new home and feeling way more comfortable.

What A Kind Heart & Soul This Man Has. Glad Someone Came To Her Rescue. Pup Is Kissing Her Owner To Thank Him For Rescuing Her.

In the video below, you can see just how much Peanut loves her dad. She is sitting on his lap, smothering him with kisses. She is beyond grateful that he rescued her from eu.thanasia and gave her a second chance at life!

No dog should be put down unless they are a serious dan.ger and can not be rehabilitated and then there are places who work with these dog’s, so NO dog need’s to be k.i.l.le.d because it has no home.

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