Senior Dog Before 2017’s Hurricane Harvey Reunited with Family


After years, 16-year-old Maddie is back home with her loving family. ❤️🙏

Maddie it makes my heart sing to know you are back with your family.

16-year-old Maddie was reunited with her owners over the weekend, after getting during a move to New Caney, Texas, which took place just days before Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August 2017.

Although Maddie’s family looked for their beloved pet for months.
Fortunately, Maddie’s story took a happy turn last week, after a volunteer with a local rescue organization found her on the street.

Although their own volunteers didn’t initially have any luck, another local organization, Lost Dogs of Texas, stepped in and was able to find Maddie’s owners through their microchip tracing program.

And within 24 hours of being taken in, Maddie was back home where she belonged.
There were lots of tears flowing at the reunion. Happy tears.

Maddie’s owners have also expressed gratitude over the dog’s return: We are so grateful, We feel like the hand of God was in it to get our dog back.

Such a lovely n touching story. Very happy for Maddie as she is home with her loving family. Bless her with good health, peace n joy for the rest of her days. Hugs n kisses Maddie🙏🥰💖💋🐶🐕

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