Rescuers Show Up To Save A Dog Living In True H.ell


Family moved away, and left their dog behind with their trash, p.oor girl couldn’t escape it

One of the worst things people can do in life is ab.andon their pets! Most of the pets, who are aba.ndoned, spend their lives wandering the streets!
This dog, Gera, was not one of them! The dog’s owners decided to move away and leave her behind to fend for herself in their trash!

I hope Karma catches up with the people who done this to their p.oor dog.

Gera had nothing to do but trying to fend for herself as she was not able to escape the place.
Thankfully, Love Furry Friends heard about her story and went to help her. She was taken in and was given a great bath!

How can this owner be so cr.uel? and not worth having pets again!…thanks for saving this precious soul !
Gera finally realized what being a pet means! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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