Puppy il.leg.ally du.mp.ed with a chair and TV nearly sta.rved before rescue


How ev.il and what a loyal fur baby .. thank god he has found a nice fur mommy ❤️

At first, the pup refused the food his rescuer offered, but he then realized his owner isn’t coming back and this woman is there to save him.

This is yet another s.ad story of an a.ban.doned dog and we can never understand those people who can do that to an animal they once cared for.

This sweet pup was le.ft at an [ill.egal] dum.ping place for old fur.niture along with a chair and a TV.

The po.or soul didn’t realize his owner du.m.ped him along with the old stuff they no longer needed as it was obvious he was waiting for them to get back for him.

Sharon Norton, an animal control officer was [ale.rted] of the pup on Monday morning and she headed towards the secluded place at Lincoln County, Mississippi

Although [th.irsty and st.ar.ving], the dog refused to budge when Norton offered him food.
She was persistent and assured the puzzled animal that she was there to save him and take him to a nicer place.

He quickly realized the woman was there to make things right and felt relieved although it was obvious he still missed whoever du.m.ped him there.

Norton took the dog at the vet’s and placed him at the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League in Mississippi where he is waiting for a better person than his previous owner to come along

I can’t even imagine moving and leaving my pets be.hind they are family and give unconditional love.

This isn’t the first time for someone to do this to a loving pup, but Norton believes everyone who a.ban.dons their pet should be pun.ished for their cr.uel actions. I hope there is a place in he.ll for you! 😡

Thank god for the amazing woman who was there for him. 😥🙏🏻🙏🏻


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