Pet Owners Make Mobile Bed for Their 16-Year-Old Dog to Help Canine Enjoy Last Beach Vacation


I’m not crying, you are. 😭

The bond you have with your 🐕 is absolutely beautiful. There is definitely unconditional love there!!!

A dog owner found an innovative way to transport his 16-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever around Virginia Beach, Virginia, for the canine’s final months of life.

Tom Antonino, who lives in Georgia, frequently visited Virginia Beach with his wife and their dog Cocoa for years. But at 16 years old, the once-energetic pup struggled to walk a short distance, making the trips harder to pull off for the family of three.

Hình ảnh đã tải lên

Antonino, determined to help Cocoa live a relatively normal life in her final days, created a home-crafted mobile bed that allowed him and his wife to transport Cocoa around their favorite retreat.

Antonino’s sweet gesture for Cocoa was one of the canine’s final adventures: she di.ed a few months ago. But, his special bond with his beloved pup will live on forever.

Unconditional love is so powerful and is beautiful… 😢😔💔🐾❤
Rest In Peace, Cocoa

God bless your unconditionally loving heart 🙏❤️🙌



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