Perhaps the first simple reason is that they can’t fly to escape the polar bears and snow foxes that stalk the flocks of birds that nest here in the summer. If penguins live in the Arctic, they are no more than a lucrative prey for the two carnivores above.

The second reason is that Antarctica is too safe for them. There are no threats at all so they don’t have to worry about being hunted when nesting and this is a great place for permanent settlement.

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The third reason is geographical constraints. If they want to live in the Arctic, the penguins have to move north and they have to swim through the warm waters around the equator. Imagine finding it uncomfortable, like you or I having to run around in a full body ski on a hot day.

If climate change causes penguins to move north, but there’s plenty of warm, nutrient-poor water on their way to the North Pole, not to mention predators like sharks, sea ​​lions… always lurking on the penguin’s path.