Orphaned Gorilla Di.es in the Arms of Her Rescuer


He first comforted her when she was an infant more than a decade ago.

More than 10 years ago, a tiny mountain gorilla was found clinging to her mother who had been gu.nned down at Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
From that moment on, her caretaker and best friend was a man named Andre Bauma.

Bauma rocked the gorilla—named Ndakasi—and held her close to his bare chest for comfort and warmth. Now, more than a decade later, when Ndakasi was i.ll.
This week, she took her last breath in his arms.

Such a touching and truly wonderful story of true love and compassion. It brought tears to my eyes and my heart ac.hes for this wonderful man as he loo.ses his beloved friend. 🙏💝💝
This is so sad….😢😪 however it is good to see that there are compassionate human beings in this world.

Thank you for saving this sweet soul and for showing her love when she passed….you sir have a kind and compassionate heart ❤️
God bless you sweet creature. You passed in his arms and now will be etched in his heart for eternity 🦍 💕💙


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