Obese old dog a.ban.doned on the highway, and the ending is unbelievable


In early 2021, someone a.ban.doned a 15-year-old Australian Shepherd dog on the side of the highway. The p.oo.r elderly dog was very overweight and covered with ma.gg.o.ts. She didn’t understand why she was alone, but she had such a strong desire to live.

Animal rescue organizations did everything to cure her and find a home for her. Although many adoptive parents did not notice her because of her age, one kind person decided to help her.
Now the once sickly dog lives in her new home. She would never have to feel lonely again.

Someone noticed a dog named Belky wandering along a highway in Michigan. They called the Saginaw Police Department, which took Belky to the Saginaw County Animal Care Center (SCACC). Rescuers brought the dog to the veterinary clinic to conduct a medical examination.

After curing the dog of maggots and putting it on a diet, SCAC transferred Belky to the Animal Welfare Society of Midland County. They took care of her until she found her loving family.

Belky prepared for adoption by dropping a few kilograms. The BISSELL Pet Foundation sponsored a special adoption campaign, “Empty Shelters” which connected the older dog with her adoptive parent.

Brianna noticed Belky in a photo posted on Facebook, and immediately fell in love with her. When she met Belky in person, it only confirmed that they were perfect for each other. Brianne adopted an old dog, giving her the home she deserves.

So sorry what the pup had to go thru. How can people just abandon senior dogs like tr.as.h! They may be old but still love you unconditionally!
So glad she was rescued and has found s loving home! Now she can live the rest of her years happy and lovef.

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