Nutritional value

Rich in Vitamin C

Did you know that in one banana provides us up to 15% of the vitamin C needed in a day. Vitamin C will help the body fight off many dangerous diseases, not only that, but also help protect blood vessels, produce collagen that connects to muscles, bones and other tissues in the body.
High potassium content

You can’t help but mention bananas as the most potassium-rich food. One medium banana provides up to 422mg of potassium, equivalent to 9% of the daily potassium requirement for good health.
Potassium also helps toned muscles to excrete excess salt from the body, in addition, potassium also helps the heart work better, ensuring a normal heart rate and blood pressure.

Chuối được trồng theo khóm và thành từng vùng như thế này

High in fiber but low in calories

A banana has only about 105 calories but it contains up to 12% fiber, fiber is an important ingredient for digestive health, reducing the risk of heart disease and even some types of cancer.

On the other hand, fiber is also a substance that helps maintain shape and lose weight. Because fiber will help you feel full longer and reduce calorie consumption in the long run.

The effect of bananas

Bananas are rich in starch, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. In particular, bananas have a very high potassium content and all 10 essential amino acids of the body.

According to the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), banana is the only fruit that fully converges nutritional components for children and the elderly, has a very good preventive and therapeutic effect.

When ripe, bananas contain TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) which, according to a study at the University of Tokyo in Japan, has the ability to fight abnormal cells such as cancer.

When bananas are ripe, there are black spots on the banana peel, the blacker the ability to increase immunity. Ripe bananas, anti-cancer properties are also strong.

According to oriental medicine, banana has a sweet taste, has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. Chut banana is a very attractive dish served with boiled meat or grilled fish with fish sauce.

Bananas do not contain much calcium, but they have the ability to promote calcium absorption thanks to Fructooligosaccharides, which will help your body absorb the maximum amount of calcium in food.

In addition, bananas also help lose weight, maintain shape, detoxify the body, enhance vision, fight cancer, help the body be healthier and more vitality.
Economic value

From past to present, the majority of rural families in Vietnam consider banana tree to be a plant that is very close to life, which can be grown at home because it is easy to grow, easy to live, and especially brings economic value. from stem, leaf to fruit.

In recent years, bananas have been considered as a popular agricultural product with domestic and foreign consumption markets. Bananas are widely exported to China, Europe brings a large source of foreign currency for the country. Therefore, from the Northern Midland and Mountainous Provinces to the Southern Delta, the banana growing area is expanded every year.

Currently, the growing areas are relatively concentratedly planned into agricultural cooperatives (cooperatives) with an area of ​​up to tens of hectares. A family with 1 hectare of arable land, planting density of 1000 – 1,100 banana clumps, in the first year has earned an average profit of 60 – 70 million/year. Banana trees now not only contribute to improving lives but also help families rise out of poverty.