Mama Gorilla Captured While Cuddling And Kissing Her Newborn Baby


Such heartwarming video shows that mother’s kiss is the best medicine in the world. ❤

She’s cleaning him off, seriously, showering him with kisses?
Humans need to stop under estimating the emotional intelligence that animals have.

A male western lowland gorilla was born in Smithsonian’s National Zoo, which let the stuff to celebrate as he is the first in 9 years! They called him Moke, which means LITTLE ONE.

The mama gorilla, Calaya, 15, coupled up with Baraka, 26-year-old 450-pound gorilla, immediately before 3 years when she arrived at the zoo.

What makes this giving birth special is that the wild western lowland gorillas are [en.dan.gered] through the last 20-25 years.

Animals do have same feelings as humans just carnt tel you like a human . Bless the animal kingdom😊❤🌹
What a great moment!💗

  • Watch the heartwarming story in video below:


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