Lonely Baby Fox Found Cr.ying in Virginia Garden Rescued and Reunited with Mom


This is the most adorable reunion! 🥺💕💕💕

A baby fox has been reunited with its mother after being found in a garden.

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Virginia revealed that [a local homeowner heard a tiny cry coming from their garden and discovered this baby fox, alone and crying for his mother] on Monday night. (They called us right away)
Once two rescue representatives arrived at the home, they noticed that the cub thankfully was alert and hydrated, with a full belly.

Hình ảnh đã tải lên

They placed the pup into a basket so he couldn’t climb out and wander off, but the mother would be able to easily get him out, since they suspected the baby’s mom was very likely somewhere nearby.

Then, the rescuers placed him in a safe spot in the garden, hoping that the mother would return to fetch him.

We are happy to report that by the next morning, the mother had safely retrieved her baby!

Such a beautiful baby and beautiful. Happy it’s back with the mother 😍💕💕

Little sweetie, Bless those helping him❤️

Thanks for rescuing this beautiful 😍 ❤

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