Lightning protection and lightning rods (lightning needles)

This is the most commonly used lightning protection method today.

The principle of operation of the lightning rod (lightning rod / lightning rod) is to attach the pointed iron rod towards the sky. Then use 0.04 iron wire to connect to the ground, buried deeply by grounding stake (also known as grounding).

The advantage of this method is that it is cheap, simple to install and use, but only protects in a narrow range, the effectiveness is not absolute (for large areas, it is necessary to equip many lightning rods). .

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2. Lightning protection with charge cloud dissipating technology

This is the lightning protection method used in developed countries.

The system is composed of positive ion generators made of copper-plated steel.

Lightning conductors are made of copper with standard cross-sections from 50mm – 70mm including many grounding piles.

Depending on the area of ​​​​the area, the number of grounding piles will change, the distance between the piles is from 80cm – 1m.

Lightning protection is absolute. However, the installation cost is quite high, so it is not popular in Vietnam.
3. Crescent lightning protection

This lightning protection system is developed by a company from Sweden.

To maximize efficiency, lightning protection systems operate on the following principles:

– Accumulate voltage and release electrical energy by arc exit.

The advantage of this system is simple structure, easy installation and use.

Can be used to protect civil housing, complex wiring.

However, it is similar to the method of lightning protection with charge cloud dissipating technology.

Product costs as well as installation work are quite high, not suitable for the economy of the majority.
Anyway, the method of using lightning rods is still a popular method, easy to maintain and repair as well as suitable for the majority of customers today, lightning protection efficiency also improves over time.

Before, there was no modern air-termination needle, the classical air-termination needle was used with low efficiency in protection. However, at present, all lightning rod products have very high efficiency, wide protection and are almost absolutely safe.

Information about the types of lightning rods as follows:

Types of lightning protection needles

There are two types of lightning rods used, which are:

Passive air-termination needle (classical air-termination needle)

Lightning rod emits pioneer rays (modern lightning rods)

1. Passive lightning rod

Passive air-termination needle, also known as classical air-termination needle, is a type of air-termination needle that uses 1 or more metal rods placed on the roof of a building.
After that, the lightning conductor is connected to the grounding system (lightning ground rod).

It is an affordable product, suitable for the majority, but has the disadvantage of a low protection radius.

It is necessary to arrange many lightning protection needles evenly spread throughout the construction area to increase protection efficiency, leading to increased bare copper cables and other costs.

Not to mention the poor durability of the needles due to oxidation and wear and tear over time, which requires regular system checks and maintenance to ensure safety.
2. Lightning lightning conductor

Lightning lightning conductor, also known as modern lightning rod.

This is a type of lightning rod with the characteristic of emitting a fairly early priming current when the atmospheric electric field has not reached a critical value.

To put it simply, it actively captures lightning discharge currents at some point in space far from the structures it protects.

It is conceivable that when operated, the lightning conductors are capable of extending tens of times their actual length.

This is the virtual height of the lightning conductors, which actively catch the lightning current, so they have a much larger protection range than the antique lightning rods arranged at the same height.

At present, the pioneer lightning rod is used and has better efficiency, superior to that of the passive (classical) air-termination needle.
In addition to the good price, the use time will be longer, the maintenance time is reduced as well as the best safety.