1. Origin of lavender

Lavender has been known for thousands of years since the time of Ancient Greece, originating from the Mediterranean region. With a romantic purple color and great uses, Lavender was cultivated by the Romans all over Europe. Today, lavender flowers are present in almost every country in the world. But the most famous are the endless lavender fields in France and England.

2. Characteristics of lavender

Lavender is a shrub with a strong scent. Lavender flowers have opposite leaves, are stemless, and are covered with fine hairs. The flower stalks are long, gray and angled. Lavender flowers are lilac purple, flower tubes are arranged continuously around the flower stalk.

Once upon a time, in a small, peaceful village in Provence, France. There are two children who often play in the lavender fields at the foot of the hill. Here, the two promised to get married when they grow up. The little girl cut a branch of lavender in half and put it in two small jars and each person kept one.

One day, the accident caused the boy to go abroad for treatment. After 15 years, the boy who used to be today has become a famous singer. But forget the childhood memories. He returns to his old village to regain his childhood memories.

And the girl opened a flower farm right at the foot of the hill, where there was a fragrant lavender field. With the hope that one day he will return.

One afternoon when he was walking towards the foothills where there was a field of purple lavender. The two met again but they could not recognize each other.

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They become friends, telling each other stories in life. The boy showed the girl the lavender jar he always carried. Happiness broke out when she realized that the boy was the one she had been waiting for for 15 years.

Together, their love continues to grow stronger. Until one day, the girl got a serious illness. Before leaving, the girl gave the boy a small glass jar and said to the boy: “Keep this bottle, see it like you see me, then we will be together forever.” …When the girl left, the boy also continued to stay at the foot of the hill, planting lavender flowers and thinking about the girl.