The lotus flower is no stranger to anyone who is a child of Vietnam because this flower is a symbol of Vietnam. From ancient times until now, lotus appears everywhere from urban to rural areas, from real life to paintings. However, not everyone knows about the origin and meaning of this flower
Lotus is also known as lotus flower, and the scientific name is Nelumbo nucifera. This flower belongs to the lotus family (Nelumbonaceae). The English lotus name is Lotus.

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In Buddhism, the lotus flower is a symbol of purity. Therefore, people often compare a person with a pure soul, unstained by bad things like “a lotus grows in the mud but does not smell like mud”.
This flower is considered the national flower of many countries. Even Vietnam is the same, the lotus is very familiar and close. We can easily see bright pink lotus ponds on a background of green leaves or sometimes see a beautiful bouquet of lotus flowers in the hands of a young woman wearing a flowing ao dai. Not only that, the image of the lotus flower often appears in songs, poems from ancient times or paintings. The flowers are so familiar, but few people can fully understand them, so stay tuned for the next parts of the article.
Origin of lotus

The lotus tree belongs to the gymnosperm species, so it appeared on the ground very early, around 1979. This flower originated from India first. Later, they were gradually spread to many other regions and countries such as China and the Asia-Australia continent.
Lotus is a common flower in parts of Asia, but they are not only grown here but also appear in many parts of the world such as America and Europe. Due to different cultures, in Western countries, they only use lotus to make flowers for decoration and beauty. Vietnamese lotus in particular and Eastern countries in general grow and use this flower more and use it for more different purposes.
Types of lotus flowers

Usually, lotus plants are classified based on color. Currently, there are popular types of lotus such as:

pink Lotus

Golden Lotus

Blue lotus

White Lotus

Purple lotus

Red lotus

In addition, there are a number of other types of lotus that are gradually being grown such as dry lotus, Thai lotus, ground lotus, snow lotus, mini lotus, etc.

For the Vietnamese people, the lotus is considered the national flower and carries a lot of deeply human symbolic meanings. The image of a beautiful lotus flower is associated with a rustic, simple and close rural life. They show the strong will and resilience of Vietnamese people to overcome all adversities in life and career. Moreover, the lotus symbol also represents people with a gentleman personality, free from worldly attachments, lust and greed. In addition, the lotus flower also symbolizes the pure beauty, grace and lightness of Vietnamese women.