In order for the cactus to grow well, place the pot in the place with the most natural light such as a window, balcony, terrace.

No need to water too much, 2-3 times a week, enough for the soil to absorb water.

The soil for growing plants also needs just enough nutrients for the plant to grow as well as porous for easy drainage.

Thanks to the above outstanding uses, today cactus and cactus essence are used a lot to make medicine as well as extremely useful beauty methods. For more cactus benefits,
Chăm sóc xương rồng

After sowing seeds in the ground, cover with a thin layer of soil, do not cover so thick that the seeds cannot germinate. Seeds should be sown in a place with natural light and suitable temperature

About 1-2 months, the new seeds germinate, then remember to provide more moisture and nutrition for the seeds.

When the cactus has grown, you put it in a pot, remember to choose a pot with a drainage hole to avoid waterlogging of the cactus.