St.arved husky gets rescued from hea.rtless owners, makes an incredible recovery


Po.or baby so glad he’s now well and happy…!

Finn – a pour little soul who was nothing but bones and skin when a group of volunteers found him.

The in.nocent dog had a life of a nig.htmare over the last couple of years. His former owner didn’t fed him properly nor watered him.
The adorable husky was tre.ated like this as a [] of his owner to his ex-wife, for whom he adopted Finn as a birthday gift. When a rescue team at the Pet Angels Rescue in Oklahoma found him, the po.or dog was in a hea.rtb.rea.king condition.

Finn’s rescuers said: As soon as we pulled up, we just kind of looked at each other, we just it, He was a bag of bones, he had barely any fur on him. It was absolute pure neglect.

But Finn is a true fighter and after a few months spent at the shelter, he made an incredible transformation. Surrounded by a lot of love and kindness, Finn put behind every things that happened to him in the past, and started to look further to a new life. 🐕❤️💯🙏

What a beauty.

He miraculously recovered and now he’s a [TOTALLY DIFFERENT DOG]. But that’s not all as the adorable Finn got adopted by a lovely family and this innocent soul finally gets his chance of a peaceful life. They’ve been incredible, they’ve given him the best life.

Fortunately for Finn, his story has a happy ending!

Thank you…God bless the rescue, Love and care given to this dog. A beautiful dog! 🐾❤🐾


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