Hemorrhoids (also known as hemorrhoids) is a condition in which the veins around the anus and rectum become dilated and enlarged, causing pain, burning, bleeding, and pain when defecating. . To overcome the above situation, folk have a trick to use snails. According to the Chinese dictionary, snail has the effect of emphysema, detoxification, clearing heat, and can treat hemorrhoids (ulcerative hemorrhoids).

The snail (scientific name is Achatina fulica), also known as the ox, is a type of mollusk that lives in many parts of the country.

Snails eat plants, so people often catch and destroy them to avoid damage to trees and crops. Snail meat contains a relatively high nutritional content (including protein, sugar, minerals such as Ca, P; amino acids such as lvalin, eucin, alanin, glutamic acid, aspartic acid) but is not tasty, so it has no real value. many products. However, today, these animals are still raised in some places to make medicine.

According to traditional medicine, snail has a salty taste, has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, diuretic, antispasmodic. With the above characteristics, the Chinese herbal dictionary said that the material can overcome some symptoms of hemorrhoids, especially hemorrhoids – ulcerative hemorrhoids.

In addition, in the records of a number of ancient medical books such as the Tan Bien Manuscript, Thanh Thoi Thong Luc, Manu Cong Muc Manuscript, Bich Luc, Pharmacokinetics, Early Manuscripts, Thanh Hui Phuong, Manuscripts of Map Kinh, Hai In addition, the above ingredients are also used to treat a number of diseases – different diseases such as:

rheumatism due to wind heat, rheumatic fever

pharyngitis (pharyngitis, tonsillitis)

plague (tuberculosis), mumps

canker (poisonous boil)

Diệt ốc sên bằng tỏi - Một giải pháp tuyệt vời! - Nuôi trồng

quench thirst

rectal prolapse

Insect bites and stings

convulsions due to high fever

chronic abdominal pain.

The effect of curing hemorrhoids in particular and other diseases of snails in general only stops at the experience passed on, there has not been a specific scientific study to confirm this issue. Therefore, to ensure safety and effectiveness, you should only follow the instructions and guidance of a physician.

In the process of using snails to treat hemorrhoids, patients should note a few things as follows: