Longan is one of the summer fruits that many people love, which can be “transformed” into various and delicious drinks and foods.
Longan has a sweet taste, a light aroma that makes us feel fresh, especially when chilled, the more delicious it is. But the truth is that eating longan causes heat in the body, which is the culprit causing rashes on the skin, sharp pimples, and ugly acne on the face.

All subjects are advised not to eat many longan every day, in which pregnant subjects need to be more careful
Nutritional value of longan

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Longan is one of the favorite summer fruits of many people. Longan is sweet, easy to eat and easy to ‘transform’ into a variety of drinks and foods that are both delicious and bring many health benefits.

Longan is rich in nutritional values ​​such as protein, fat, natural sugar, vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, C, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, organic acids, fiber…

Longan fruit contains compounds capable of slowing down the aging process in humans. In addition, longan also works to strengthen the body’s resistance, fight diseases such as flu and beautify the skin.
Besides, longan also enhances the absorption of iron, helping the body to prevent anemia or diseases of the pancreas. Longan can also prevent and treat stomach pain effectively.

Longan enhances the Vitamin C content in the human body. In 100 grams of longan contains up to 84 mg of Vitamin C and this number is enough to provide 100% of the daily vitamin C needs for women and 93% for men.

And as you all know, the content of Vitamin C in the body holds an extremely important position as strengthening the resistance, making it easier for you to win against disease-causing bacteria. Thus, in the composition of longan fruit contains high vitamin C content, just a few longans are enough to provide enough Vitamin C to work in 1 day.

Longan promotes bone health, in addition to Vitamin C, the copper content in longan is not low. Especially as adults get older, more copper is needed to support strong bones.

In 100 grams of fresh longan, it will provide about 19% copper minerals. But if in 100 grams of dried longan, the mineral content of copper accounts for 90%, a great number for people in middle age.
Preventing eye diseases, in the composition of longan fruit contains Riboflavin