Helpless Dog Found Tied To Pole, Reaches Out His Paw To Officer Who Come To Save Him


Po.or dog was tied with a very short leash, and he could barely move. The police officer realized that there was no more time to waste. The moment the dog saw her he reached out his paw as if he was asking for help.

A call came to the police in Florida about a po.or dog, who was found tied to a pole! Fortunately, Angela Laurella, a police officer, arrived to the scene to help the dog who was struggling as the temperature was almost 100 Fahrenheit!

She called 100+ Aba.ndoned Dogs of Everglades Florida to take the dog, who was named Liam. Thankfully, they directly agreed to take the dog in. Amy Roman, the founder and president of the organization, decided to foster the dog till she finds a forever home for him. The good thing is that the dog will never be forced to struggle again.

Thanks for accepting this po.or dog with not enough room to move. Dogs are great family pets that show unconditional love to their owners. Please everyone save dogs from cru.elty they don’t deserve. Report and help them out of bad situations.

I don’t understand why people want a pet and then they treat them like this. I hope he finally gets a good home. Love you little buddy.

Watch the video below.

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