Heartwarming moment an elderly woman is reunited with her mi.ssing cat after four years


After four years, a great re-union. They both are happy to be with each other again. Makes you want to believe in miracles

After an [ea.rthquake str.uck] the Southern Italy a few years ago, just as many people out there, Dora l.o.st everything.
But even though she lo.st her home, the elderly’s biggest concern was the lo.st of her furry friend. The woman was living alone, so a cat to comfort her and offer her love and cuddles was all what she had.
Given the “gr.avity of the situ.ation”, Dora was not sure if her cat is still alive. But she never gave up hope…

Miraculously, four years after the ter.ri.ble events, just when Dora started to have more and more doubts she’d see her four-legged friend again, the kitten went back home.
As you can imagine, the senior woman could not believe her eyes when reunited with her old friend. Thankfully, a neighbor has captured on camera the heartwarming reunion.

Even he was mi.ssing for over four years, the loyal cat looked in very good shape. A sign that he was clearly well-fed all that time!

After 4 years, Dora’s beloved cat came back to her. I love these beautiful photos showing the love they have for each other … most especially the cat’s reaction seeing her beloved Dora !!! He certainly loves her and she him.💙💙💙

So heart warming that they are reunited again. So sweet 💕
So happy they are reunited.😽

Happy her cat came back to his mama. Both of them are overjoyed ❤ They will both be happy again. Bless them both.💕

What an amazing and beautiful story!


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