Woman Reaches To Sick Puppy Thrown In Trash But She Won’t Trust A Human Again


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Animal rescuers are everyday heroes who ask for so little in return. Rescuers will drive around certain areas knowing they are popular dumping grounds for unwanted pets. As a team of rescuers was headed down the road, they passed a pile of rubbish. People had been throwing trash in that area for years.

Sniffing amongst the trash was a small puppy that certainly didn’t belong there. As sad as this was to see, the rescuers weren’t that surprised. They had seen unwanted dogs dumped here before. They pulled the car over and one woman approached the puppy. She wagged her tail but was apprehensive. Her owner had made her feel as worthless as trash so it was no wonder she had no confidence in herself or trust in humans.

The woman went back into the car and got a bowl, some water, and some food. The puppy made her way over but refused to eat. This was very unusual and quite alarming. The puppy happily drank and that was something. They had to get her to the vet immediately. They decided to name her Musya.

The rescuers brought Musya to the vet clinic and had tests done. She had a terrible case of food poisoning from being on her own and eating trash! It was a good thing she was found when she was! The vet said that with all her excessive vomiting and diarrhea she wouldn’t have made it on her own much longer.

With intravenous fluids and lots of rest, the little puppy began to improve. She also seemed to accept humans more. She realized that her callous owner was a part of her past, for good! In a few days, Musya went home with one of the rescuers.

The best part follows when Musya meets her foster mom’s dog, Mimi. The little puppy never had a friend before! Mimi was so patient with Musya, even when she got a little too close to her bone. Mimi understood that Musya still had a lot to learn and she would gladly teach her. Their interaction is so heartwarming, it’ll give you all the feels!

We are over the moon that Musya is safe and well-cared for. She will be ready for her permanent home soon but there’s a rumor she may stay with Mimi and her rescuer. Either way, we root for her happiness! To see the touching rescue, scroll on down.

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