The Air Force Is Looking For People To Adopt Retired Military Working Dogs


They need people to adopt them after their service is up.

Air Force Is Desperately Looking For People To Adopt Some Of The ...

The Air Force is asking for people – military members or civilians – who would be willing to adopt some of their retired military working dogs.

The Air Force has stated that while there is lots of demand to adopt the puppies that didn’t make the cut for active duty, there is significantly less interest in adopting the adult dogs – which are exceptionally trained by the way, and could easily rescue you from various dangerous situations or sniff out any nearby bombs.

Interested potential dog owners are required to fill out paperwork and answer questions as to where the dog will live, and how it will be cared for.

And not anyone would be eligible to adopt the canine vets. In order to be deemed a good fit, applicants need to have a six-foot fence, no kids under the age of 5, and no more than 3 dogs already in the home. They also need to list their veterinarian on the application, provide to references, as well as be able to produce a transport crate.

Still interested in adopting a retired military working dog?


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