Stray Dogs Helped Save Their Sanity In War Zone, So Soldiers Made Them A Promise


The soldiers promised the mama dog and her puppies that they would move heaven and earth to bring the dogs back from Afghanistan, and they did!

Sgt. Edwin Caba and his team were stationed in Afghanistan when they met a sick and starving homeless dog named Sheba. The soldiers nursed the dog back to health and realized that she was pregnant. When Sheba gave birth to 7 adorable puppies, the thoughtful soldiers readily began allocating a part of their rations to raise the little ones.

When the soldiers were commanded to return home, they were gripped with anxiety over the well-being of the furry family.

The soldiers knew Sheba and her puppies wouldn’t survive for long without them. So the moment they returned home, they embarked on a mission to rescue their doggie saviors. The group managed to convince a local shelter called Nowzad Dogs to retrieve the dogs from the war zone.

The soldiers gathered together on the day of the flight’s arrival, and eagerly anticipated to reunite with their precious mates!

This video not only captures the touching reunions of the puppies with the soldiers, but also shows how every soldier went out of their way to give Sheba and her puppies a great life.

What a noble rescue mission!

So sweet they kept there promise to a momma and her babies God Bless this sweet Hero’s

Watch the precious video below:


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