Labrador Puppy Looking For A Forever Home Sits In Shelter Smiling At Everyone Who Passes By

The puppy believes that someone will take him home if he keeps smiling!

We all have our positive traits that others remember us for. For an adorable little shelter puppy named Burreaux, that trait of his is literally his precious little smile that he flashes at everyone.

The Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana recently rescued a litter of 3 black Labrador puppies from a high-kill shelter. They named the puppies Burreaux, Joe and O, and helped them get ready for adoptions. While all the pups were affectionate and amiable, it was Burreaux’s special gesture that surprised the shelter staff!

Once Burreaux realized that people would drop by at the shelter to take dogs home, he decided to be a good boy and to do his best to impress the visitors. The tiny pooch began flashing a wide, endearing smile every time a visitor talked to him!

When the shelter shared a video of Burreaux’s winning smile on social media, it instantly went viral. People were mesmerized to see him greet the visitors with such pure eyes and hopeful smiles. Within a matter of days, the shelter was flooded with countless adoption applications for Burreaux as well as their other dogs!

Thanks to his heart-touching smile, Burreaux found himself a nice forever home soon. The adorable puppy immediately fell in love with his new parents and leaped into their arms. The excited owners consider themselves lucky to get the opportunity to raise this special boy!

Burreaux’s popularity is also helping his siblings and other shelter pups get adopted. The shelter wrote the names of all the dogs adopted in February on a board and shared it with the world! In a recent update, the shelter has shared that both Joe and O have found amazing forever homes! Looks like Burreaux’s splendid smile is playing a major role in bringing happy endings for his other shelter mates!

You can watch this beautiful pup flash his sassy smile in the video below:


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