Homeless Dog Takes Comfort In Discarded Stuffed Toy, But Next Day He Disappears


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The “Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project” is a small non-profit rescue organization that looks out for hundreds of Houston’s overlooked and neglected homeless dogs. During one of their rescue operations, volunteer Yvette Holzbach noticed a heartbroken stray dog tightly clinging to a discarded soft toy for comfort.

Yvette clicked the dog’s picture as he snuggled up to the tattered toy with the saddest face. But unfortunately, she wasn’t able to rescue him that day. The rescue had already taken in 50 new stray dogs who needed immediate medical attention. Due to the tight budget restrictions, Yvette decided to come back for the “relatively healthy” dog another time.

However, Yvette’s crusade to find the dog again turned into a mentally exhausting ordeal that still haunts her. While the “teddy bear” dog was never spotted again, Yvette’s search led her to an 89-year-old man named Calvin, who was found sweeping the leaves off the sidewalk at the exact location where the dog was first seen.


Calvin saw the dog’s photo and confessed that he was one of his adopted stray dogs, who had been missing for some time. Over the past few decades, this senior citizen had taken in several homeless dogs and cared for them. Calvin broke down as he explained how the dog in the picture escaped his backyard and was never seen again.

When the rescue shared this soul-crushing story on social media, some people began questioning them for not rescuing the dog when they had the chance. But Yvette and the other volunteers have revealed that this is the bitter dilemma they face every day – as it is not possible to rescue every homeless dog with their limited funds and infrastructure.


For now, the rescue is helping Calvin’s other 3 rescue dogs get spayed and neutered at the vet’s. The volunteers have also reached out to the locals and requested them to keep an eye out for the “teddy bear” dog. Let’s spread the word and help track down this poor homeless baby.

Click the video below to watch how everyone is looking for the “teddy bear” dog.

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