Dog survives after being shot in the face and wins hearts of T.V. viewers


Millie’s captors did everything to end her life, but she refused to give up.

Animal cruelty still exists and as much as we’re trying to stop it, there are still plenty of animals who are suffering at the hands of these monsters. What else can we call them?
What’s worse is that even kids are able to do this.

Puppy who survived being stamped on and shot finds UK home

Millie is a “miracle dog” or, to some, one tough survivor.

She won the hearts of the viewers of ITV’s The Morning Show after her story was featured last March 13, 2020. She was from Russia and at a very young age (just a few months old), Millie was attacked by a group of young kids. What they did to this poor puppy was unimaginable.

They were just kids? Yes, but they knew what they were doing. They didn’t even hesitate to act on their plan. They started beating the poor puppy, “bashing” her small face over and over again, and, if that wasn’t enough, they decided to shoot her in the face.

Then, they left her. Poor Millie was rescued but she was left with severe deformities. The first thing that you will notice is that Millie doesn’t have a snout anymore; this was due to the blunt force trauma she experienced that day. Aside from that, there are still 2 bullets inside her head until today, but Millie isn’t a quitter. She is a fighter.

The survivor dog and her beloved rescuer, Kasey Carlin, were both guests on the celebrated T.V. show. They were also joined by Dr. Scott Miller, the show’s resident veterinarian.

This Morning viewers appalled by deformed dog who was shot by ...

Everyone felt sad when they saw Millie but she was relaxed. She even liked the attention.

In the interview, Eamonn Holmes started asking Kasey about her decision to save Millie. According to them, most dogs within this situation would be put down.

This Morning viewers' hearts melted by deformed dog Millie | Metro ...

After Millie’s story had been featured, it made a huge impression on the people of the UK.

They shared her story and even inspired her owner to create an Instagram account for her.

Many have shared how they were heartbroken by her story; some said that Millie is such an inspiration, and others just wanted to let Millie know that she is loved by many.

She’s at home and she is safe and most of all, she didn’t allow her horrible experience to stop her from living a beautiful life. She is alive and she is happy.

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