Dog protects little girl being ye.lled at by Mom


Dog are so loving and loyal. 😳💙

The dog is better mother than the real one hahaha, good job dog.

Harry, a 5-year-old golden retriever, was capt.ured on film shielding a crying girl being [sco.lded] by her mother.
The video also showed the retriever snarling to keep 2-year-old You You in a [sa.fe] distance from the mom, Mrs. Sun.

Sun, who filmed the video says her daughter grew up with Harry around, resulting in a deep bond between them.
She added that she found the incident [funny and infuriating] at the same time as the dog shielded her daughter with his paws. “This isnt cute or funny. The dog and the child are very cute.”

Sun explained that You You had torn up the packaging of a recently purchased facial cream and started playing with its contents, My baby started crying because I was [] at her quite
Harry’s immediate reaction, which was to protect the child from her mom’s [im.pending wr.ath], delighted Sun.

The dog even tried to comfort the young girl by resting his head on her shoulder.
Harry has always been protective of You You, noting that he will often shield the little girl when they speak to her in a manner.

Love this precious dog for being so loyal to protect his little girl.💕💕💕

Watch the video below:


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