All dishes are made from lotus, without wasting any part

Lotus is not only a beautiful ornamental plant, but parts of the lotus plant can also be used in the preparation of many attractive and unique dishes. Let’s find out all the dishes made from lotus with Bach Hoa Xanh right away without wasting any part.
Each part of the lotus such as leaves, seeds, and pistil can be used to prepare many different dishes, dishes made from lotus bring a very light and pleasant scent and are also very delicious. mouth and easy to eat. The following article will summarize for you all the dishes made from all parts of the lotus.

Lotus leaves are characterized by round shape, dark green color, the upper surface of the leaf is smooth, very smooth to the touch. The back of the leaf will have 17 to 23 veins radiating from the stem in a circular spoke shape, with these veins will have the effect of making the leaf stronger. In particular, lotus leaves have a light and pleasant scent, so they can be used to make dishes such as:

Steamed rice with lotus leaves

Các món ăn chế biến từ sen, không bỏ phí một bộ phận nào

This is a very familiar dish prepared with lotus leaves and often appears in parties or family gatherings. Rice cooked with lotus leaves will have a very delicious scent and have a characteristic sweetness of this plant.

In addition, when cooking rice with lotus leaves, you can add to the rice dish ingredients such as fresh shrimp, lotus seeds, peas and shiitake mushrooms, etc. The decoration is extremely beautiful, the rice is wrapped and shy in a layer of green lotus leaves, making diners feel the light scent and aroma of the dish without having to taste it.

Grilled red snapper with lotus leaves

You must have eaten red tilapia dishes such as steamed, fried, grilled, but have you tried grilled red tilapia with lotus leaves? This is a dish made with lotus leaves that is easy to make but also very delicious and nutritious. Red tilapia is marinated with spices such as satay, seasoning, red onion, garlic,… wrapped in one or two layers of lotus leaves and grilled on a charcoal stove.

When eating you will be able to feel the sweet aroma of lotus leaves mixed with the fatty taste of red tilapia to create a wonderful and flavorful dish.

Lotus root is a part of the lotus plant and is often used in salads such as shrimp and meat salad, seafood salad, vegetarian salad or stir-fried dishes,… Dishes made from lotus root will have a sweet and crunchy taste combined with Spicy and rich sauce will create extremely flavorful dishes. In addition, lotus root dish can also be used with meats and vegetables such as shrimp, pork, carrots, laksa leaves, onions, …