Couple Sees Photo Of Dog And Adopts Him Immediately, Despite Shelter’s Advice


I had never seen a sa.dder dog and knew we couldn’t leave him there💔

It makes me so much more s.a.d seeing an animal than it does a human. We can help ourselves, these po.or fur children cannot…

Jessica had to have a dog, and it was easier when she saw this dog’s face.

The str.ay dog called Benji was taken a big shelter in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, he most of his fur because of a fl.ea, and he was so and nerv.ous of anything.
Jessica knew that she could help Benji, so she and her boyfriend drove for more than 6 hours from Sacramento to L.A. to meet him.

When the staff of the shelter knew that they wanted to adopt Benji, they were completely sh.oc.ked! As he needed lots of training and care. But the couple did not want to hear that.

They then signed the adoption papers and took Benji, who then realized that he was in good hands. Benji started to play and enjoy life as real member of the couple’s family.🐾🥰

So glad you rescued this precious fella!❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for adopting this innocent soul. He deserves a loving and protective from the wonderful new family. God bless you all ❤️❤️❤️


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