Chocolate Labrador Who’d Been Mis.sing For 5 Years Sees His Family Again


Finally 😍🙏

There have to be very few feelings in the world worse than a pet. Therefore, I image there’d be no greater feeling than seeing that dog and being reunited once again.
One family went through this very thing with their chocolate Lab, and to make things even more emotional, it happened after nearly five years.
It’s a beautiful feeling to be united with a long mis.sing family member.

When The Humane Society of the United States set out to [r.aid] a property in Ohio hoarding 166 dogs and cats, they came across Chuckie upon scanning the animals for microchips. They put him together with the family in Indiana who’d been mis.sing their Lab for five years.

Not only did the Humane Society successfully rescue these 166 pets, they were able to return animals like Chuckie to their families where they belong.

Its a wonderful story.Happy for the family that they found there dog.So lucky that the dog is still alive for five years.Dogs will never forget there owner specially if they are so loved .

Thank you Jesus for getting this beautiful fur baby back to his loving family and his forever home! 😊🐶💙❤️

  • You’ll see their precious reunion in the video below:


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