Stray Kitten Finds Loving Family He Always Wanted After Life on the Street


He has his ‘tough guy’ dad wrapped around his little finger.” This is so sweet!

A tabby kitten found the family he had been waiting for. He hasn’t stop cuddling since.

tabby kitten, cuddles, big eyes

Sherman the cat was found as a stray kitten scrounging for food. He was brought to Kitty City Kansas Rescue for a chance at a better life. Around that time, a couple who had previously adopted from the rescue, was looking for a companion for their cat Chance.

Chance was nine years old when his former owner passed away. Kitty City Kansas rescued him from an uncertain fate, and after almost one year in foster care, he found his forever home with the loving couple.

Sherman was found in the back of an abandoned car, eating dry dog food.

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The little tabby with big, round eyes instantly had his humans smitten. He was a cuddle-bug from the start and was always on the lookout for something to munch on. Sherman went home with the couple and brought a few habits from the time he was a street cat, along with him.

big eyes, tabby kitten

For a while, the tabby boy would scavenge for food out of the trashcan whenever he got a chance. He outsmarted his humans when he figured out how to open the automatic lid. The tenacious kitty found every opportunity to sneak a snack from his parents’ dinner plates.

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The mischievous kitten quickly became Dad’s cuddle buddy. In just a few days after arrival, Sherman snuggled his way into his heart.

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cuddle, hug, tabby cat, kitten

When they first met, the older feline took the kitten under his wing and started to groom him. Chance immediately perked up and felt right at ease having a friend to love on. He started to relax and didn’t retreat back to his hiding spot any more.

They bonded within the first day and have been inseparable since.

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The two best friends make a formidable pair — they thrive as long as they have each other. They plot new antics around the house and get into all sorts of mischief together every day.

best friends, siamese cat, tabby kitten

They do everything as a team including cuddle-time with their humans. Chance is always close by guarding his little brother as Sherman snuggles away with Dad.

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The persuasive tabby cat always manages to find a way to tug at his humans’ heartstrings.

Sherman is all grown up now at three years old, but some things never change.

cuddles, real men love cats, kitten

The sweet tabby cat adores his family and wears a cute little smile on his face every day.

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