3 Tiny Ginger Kittens Rescued From Under A Shed As Kitten Season Erupts


We grabbed our trapping gear and set out to save the family of felines–not knowing what we’d find. 🧡🧡🧡

It was April 9th when Cat Man Chris popped into my office to see if I wanted to accompany him. Where, you ask?
As usual with ailurophiles, it sparked cat conversations. Turns out she only lived a few streets from us and had a pregnant cat she’d seen near her home.
Now she needed help getting the 3 tiny ginger kittens out from under a nearby shed.

We grabbed our trapping gear and set out to save the family of felines–not knowing what we’d find.
What worried us all the most, was the packs of wild coyotes and hogs that roamed the field next to her home.

It is likely due to these predators that the pregnant feline had chosen the secluded spot to have her babies. Here, Mama Kitty as she was named, was hiding with her babies. And what if we could reach the 3 tiny ginger kittens, but not catch the mama? No one wanted that outcome.

Turns out Mama Kitty was actually very friendly and came to the woman for her daily meals.

Shining a flashlight under the shed we were able to easily see Mama Kitty.
Thankfully she was situated right near the side of the shed, next to a wall of stacked bricks.

There were 3 little ginger nuggets huddled together about a foot from the opening. Cat Man Chris carefully pulled them out one at a time. We thoroughly checked for any other siblings but 3 was the magic number here.

They all looked clean–barely any fleas even which is shocking for strays in Florida. None of them had any medical issues that we could see. The boys, (gingers usually are male), were maybe about a week old.

Mama Kitty was happy to accept our tasty treats and danced around us for a while. We had arranged for mama and her babies to stay with one of our amazing foster friends, Rebecca Williams.

Upon originally speaking to the woman, Chris had agreed to have mama spayed after the kittens were done nursing. She would then be returned to her lifestyle at the home, hopefully becoming an indoor kitty. The kittens will be adopted out when old enough.

Meet Bill, Charlie and Percy, the ginger trio.

The kittens are all doing great in Rebecca and Mama Kitty’s care.

They are all so beautiful so glad they was rescued and have home to go to thank you Chris for a job well done ❤

Watch the Kitten rescued in the video below:


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