If pineapple is known as the “king” of fruits, guava is considered the queen. With its unique taste, flavor and health-promoting qualities, fruit is easily classified as a new functional food category, often labeled as a “superfruit”. The different varieties of guava grown around the world can vary widely in flavor, pulp color, and seed composition.

“Guava is a tropical fruit, high in vitamin C and a great source of fiber,” says Ella Davar, a New York-based general nutritionist. Guava and guava leaves contain beta-sitosterol, quereetine, guaijaverin, leucocyanidin and avicularin. Guava leaves also contain volatile essential oils (caryophyllene, β-bisabolene, aromadendrene, β-selene, nerolidol, caryophyllene oxide and Sel-11-en-4a-ol and ethanol). Ripe guava is rich in vitamin C and polysaccharides such as fructose, xylose, glucose, rhamnose and galactose. The roots contain arjunolic acid, tannin and organic acids.


5 công dụng tuyệt vời của quả ổi với sức khỏe

Boost immunity: because guava contains a lot of vitamin C, the content is 4 times higher than oranges. Vitamin C helps boost immunity levels that help your body fight off common infections and pathogens. In addition, plenty of vitamin C helps with good vision.

Reduce the risk of developing cancer: Vitamin C, lycopene and other types of polyphenols act as antioxidants that help neutralize infections in the body, preventing the growth of cancer cells. Guava has the effect of preventing prostate cancer and also prevents the growth of breast cancer cells.

Prevents Diabetes: The fiber content and high glycemic index help prevent the development of diabetes. The fiber content regulates your blood sugar from spikes.

Keep your heart healthy: Guava contains a lot of sodium and potassium which helps the body to balance and regulate high blood pressure in high blood pressure patients. Guava helps reduce bad cholesterol, one of the main causes of heart disease. However, this fruit increases the level of good cholesterol and replaces it with bad cholesterol.

Treatment of constipation: because guava has a lot of fiber that is beneficial for your digestion

Helps better vision: Because guava contains a lot of vitamin A, it prevents bad vision, in addition, it also helps you not to get cataracts and macular degeneration.

Relieves Colds and Coughs: Guava has a very high content of vitamin C and iron compared to other fruits. And proven to keep you from catching colds or viruses.