Bl.ind Pit Bull A.ban.doned In The Woods, Now Loves Ice Cream And Waiting Forever Home


She was found st.arving as she couldn’t fe.ed herself, Now can’t stop giving hugs 🥰

I hope whomever dum.ped this precious creature enjoys that special place in he.ll that is being prepared for them!

It is so hea.rtbr.eaking to see animals being and a.bu.sed as they have emotions and feelings just like humans. But sometimes, witnessing the acts could let people save those animals!

That’s what happened in this story as an a.ban.doned pit bull, who was in shape, was found in the forest by rescuers.

The po.or dog curled up hoping to stay as she was all and bo.nes! There is no doubt that she would have di.ed if she stayed in the street like this.

The rescuers took her immediately hoping they could give her a second chance in life. The dog, who was named Halo, showed signs of bravery to stay

Being bli.nd did not stop Halo from trying to get stronger and better every day. The most heartwarming moment when she got ice cream cones from McDonald’s. How adorable!

Lucky Dog Refuge took Halo in until they found her a forever home.

Hopefully this Furbaby is in better health & Gets a Furever Loving Family 🐶🐾🙏

Pray that she will find a wonderful home with wonderful humans who will love her like she deserves.❤️❤️❤️

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