Mama Duck Brings Her Newborn Ducklings To Visit A Nursing Home Every Spring


Animals are amazing, They are there for us when we need a smile on our face and their actions can keep us entertained nonstop.

As an example, this mother duck visits a hospital every year when she hatches her new family. It is in upstate New York at the MM Ewing Continuing Care Center in Canandaigua and it has been happening for a number of years.

Every year, the mother duck comes to her nesting home with perfect timing. She takes a stroll around the facility and then leaves with her newborn ducklings.

MM Ewing Continuing Care Center employees have taken pictures of the mother duck and her ducklings and share them on the official Facebook page for their parent company, Thompson Health.

Pictures of the mother duck and her new ducklings were also shared.

Only the residents and employees at the facility were aware of the annual visit but that changed when things were uploaded to Facebook.

It wasn’t long before people used all those pictures for letting Thompson’s Health know how much it meant to them.


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