Family Pet, Pudding The Dog, Brings Pork Bun Home For Stray Cat To Eat


We all need to remember that all it takes is something as simple as a pork bun to be kind to other living souls. Let’s all be a little more like Pudding!

Our animals are constantly surprising us. Whether your family pet is feline, canine or another, they should all be praised when they do good. But what are you supposed to do when you see your beloved animal’s good deeds and are too shocked to react?
That’s what happened in “China” last week to dog owner, Fu concerning a tasty pork bun.

Fu’s dog, Pudding, grabbed a pork bun from his kennel, and was gifting it to a local stray cat!
She couldn’t believe her eyes! Knowing Pudding is a loving pup, what transpired between the species was nothing short of miraculous.

She told reporters the strange happenings began as she worked.

I was working downstairs and the dog was barking towards the corner of the wall at the courtyard.

Fu added: I thought the dog would try to catch the cat or fight with it when it takes a bite of the bun. But Pudding had other plans in mind for the standoffish ginger cat; all he wanted was to share the pork bun!

At first, the two animals stared at each other for an eternity, not moving.

Fu watched on in absolute wonder. Thankfully, she began filming the outlandish ordeal to prove she wasn’t hallucinating.

Then sweet Pudding paced back and forth with a happily wagging tail, trying to entice the kitty. The stray cat finally caved from the smells, grabbing the pork bun. He scampered off with the tasty morsel in his mouth.

When the video was eventually posted on Chinese social media, the world went wild! Consequently, it’s exactly the kind of happy, caring and heartwarming videos that the world needs right now…

That’s a beautiful thing. exactly why i love animals more than some people.
Yes, humans can be cruel .I never trust people who don’t love animals. 🐶🐾🐱😍❤️💜💛💚💙


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