The health benefits of mango are enormous. Moreover, it is a delicious fruit that is loved by many people.

Good for eyes

A plate of mango can provide about 25% of the daily amount of vitamin A needed by the body. As we all know, vitamin A has the effect of helping to brighten the eyes, so eating mango regularly will help prevent night blindness, refractive errors in the eyes, dry eyes and keratitis.
Mangoes contain phenols (organic compounds whose molecules have a hydroxyl group directly attached to the carbon atom of the benzene ring), such as quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid, methylgallate and enzymes capable of ability to prevent cancer.

In addition, mangoes contain a lot of water-soluble fiber known as pectin. Scientists believe that eating more fiber will help reduce the risk of cancer of the digestive tract. About 165g of mango will provide our body with 75% of the daily vitamin C needed. Mangoes also provide a powerful dose of antioxidants, which help protect cells from damage by free radicals, and reduce the risk of cancer.

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Helps with good digestion

Mangoes contain enzymes that break down proteins for easier digestion. In addition, mango fights against acidity and soothes the stomach. Since the fiber content in mango is very high, it can help you prevent constipation.

Benefits of Mango: Good for Skin

The substances in mango have the ability to effectively tighten pores on the skin. This means that mangoes are helpful in preventing acne. You just need to use the mango pulp to rub on your face for about 10 minutes and then wash it off with clean water. Eating mango regularly will make your skin soft and smooth.
Benefits of Mango: Treating Diabetes

Mango leaves have the effect of balancing insulin levels in the blood. Boil a few mango leaves and leave them overnight for the essence of the mango leaves to dissolve into the water. Drink this water the next morning to treat diabetes at home. The glycemic index of mangoes is very low – around 41-60, so mangoes do not have much of an effect on raising our blood sugar.

Better in physiological matters

The abundant amount of vitamin E in mango will help regulate sex hormone levels in the body and improve fertility.

Beneficial for people with anemia

Mango is very beneficial for pregnant women and people with anemia because it contains a lot of iron. At the same time, the amount of vitamin C in mango will balance the absorption of iron from other foods such as rice. In general, women after menopause will become weak, or tired, that’s why they should eat mango as well as other fruits rich in iron to replenish blood.