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Heartbroken Mother Dolphin Won’t Let Go Of Her Baby’s Body

November 19, 2021

  Michael McCarthy was canoeing through the Intracoastal Waterway near St. Petersburg, Florida, when he spotted the familiar flash of silver in the water ahead...

Failed Cattle Dog Meets Disabled Calf And Decides To Be Her New Caretaker

November 16, 2021

  Animals have more love & compassion than we humans do sometimes! ​It’s a beautiful thing❤️ Cupcake the calf was born with a disability that...

Farmer finds newborn calf freezing in the snow — and saves his life with a hot tub

November 7, 2021

  This man has so much love in his heart. He saved a living creature. God bless him. Just like humans, many animals are susceptible...

Lonely Baby Fox Found Cr.ying in Virginia Garden Rescued and Reunited with Mom

October 17, 2021

  This is the most adorable reunion! 🥺💕💕💕 A baby fox has been reunited with its mother after being found in a garden. The Animal...

Mama Gorilla Captured While Cuddling And Kissing Her Newborn Baby

October 13, 2021

  Such heartwarming video shows that mother's kiss is the best medicine in the world. ❤ She’s cleaning him off, seriously, showering him with kisses?...


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